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If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a well shot video is worth its weight in gold. With our cinematography services you at guaranteed the absolute video experience available on the market. Let us help you capture moments that will last you a lifetime.

The Contemporary

  • 1 Cinematographer

  • Up to 6 Hours of Coverage

  • 2-4min Highlight Film

  • Digital Download Delivery​

  • Online Link for Sharing

Save 5% When Booking

Any DJ or Video Package

  • 1 Cinematographer

  • Up to 8 Hours of Coverage

  • 5-6min Highlight Film

  • HD 1080p Delivery

  • Ceremony + Toast Audio

  • Digital Download Delivery​

  • Online Link for Sharing

Save 5% When Booking

Any DJ or Video Package

The Millennium

The Flawless

  • 2 Cinematographers

  • 6-12 Hours of Coverage

  • Aerial Drone Footage

  • 6-10min Cinematic Film

  • Keepsake USB

  • Wedding Movie Trailer

  • Digital Download Delivery​

  • Online Link for Sharing

Save 5% When Booking

Any DJ or Video Package

Add Ons

Do you feel like your needs aren’t been completely met by our cinematography services? Do you have special requests that aren’t covered by our basic cinematography gig? Try out our cinematography add-ons, designed to give you the custom treatment you so richly deserve.

2nd shooter 2.jpg

Secondary Cinemagrapher

In an event like a wedding where so much happens, you’ll probably need an extra pair of hands to capture all the action. With this add-on you can hire up to 3 additional Cinematographers for up to 14 hours to give you the complete wedding picture


All Day Coverage

No one can truly predict when the magic happens, but with our All Day Video Coverage which covers up to 14 hours of your occasion, you can rest assured that we’ll capture that evasive magical moment no matter when it comes.

Drone above an Ocean

Aerial Drone Footage

View your wedding from a new perspective! Our Aerial Drone Coverage gives you a unique view of your wedding, and helps create a cinematic experience you won’t soon forget.


Full Length Cinema Edit

Much like the wedding event itself, you want to make sure that your video recording flows smoothly, and doesn’t miss out on the important details. With our Full Length Edit, you can be sure of 20 to 30 minutes of perfect video of all the important moments of your wedding.

Usb Case Sample.jpg

Video's Delivered on USB

Take your memories with you on the go. With your wedding videos available on a USB stick, you can rest assured that even if the unthinkable happens and the hard copies are lost, you still have those precious moments stored safely where you can access them.


Cinematic Trailer Edit

Our Cinematic Edit provides 60 seconds of action packed goodness. Created in the style of a Hollywood movie trailer, this edit will give your viewers the grand cinematic flair your occasion deserves within 1-2 weeks from your wedding day.


Rush Delivery

All good things take time, but we understand that sometimes you may need quality services on very short notice. Our Rush Delivery guarantees delivery of your highlight film in as little as 30 days (compared to the normal 90 to 120 days) with the same high quality you’ve come to expect from us.

Post Production

UHD 4K Video Delivery

1080p was so last century. Upgrade your wedding video to crisp 4K HD, and discover details and color palettes you never even knew we're present. Everything is better in higher quality.

Ceremony 168.jpg

Raw Footage

If you’re a fan of watching all the events as they come, unfiltered and raw in its pure beauty, then this option may be just for you.

It contains unedited footage of all the events recorded at your occasion, flaws and all, packaged in a free hard drive.

Specialty Video Shoots

Sometimes the magic moments happen even before the wedding, take advantage of our Specialty Video Shoot option to capture these intimate moments wherever and wherever they happen.


Engagement Shoot

Capture the wonderful moment when you express your eternal commitment in glorious HD video. This Engagement video can also be retooled into unique Save Your Date package comes with video invitations to all your wedding guests.


Rehearsal Dinner

Capture the memories of your rehearsal dinner as raw and unedited as they come. Witness the bloopers, the jokes, and the practice that went into making your wedding occasion the smooth, error/free event it turned out to be.


Hidden Proposal Video

Designed to help you give the love of your life the most pleasant surprise of their lives, our Hidden Proposal video package includes a set of our most professional videographers patiently waiting for your partner to pop the question, capturing every moment in glorious HD.

Chaptered Full Length Edits

Whether You Just Want a Highlight Film For Your Wedding Or You Want To Have An Edit Of Every Event That Happen Throughout Your Wedding We've Got You Covered With Our Chaptered Full Length Edits. With this add-on, you can have one or more of the chaptered edits spliced into a thrilling cinematic experience. Choosing more chapters in this add-on allows you to make significant savings on costs down the line.


Ch.1: Bride Prep

This brief montage of the bride and her bridesmaids preparation for the wedding ceremony gives a quick look behind the scenes, and serves  as a very necessary peek behind the curtain that holds the ceremony together.

Groom Prep 31.jpg

Ch. 2: Groom Prep

This brief montage of the groom and his best man’s preparation for the wedding ceremony gives a quick look behind the scenes, and serves  as a very necessary peek behind the curtain that holds the ceremony together.


Ch. 3: First Look

Following the Bride Prep, the First Look video helps you capture that eternal moment when the Groom turns around and sees his wife to be, resplendent in her wedding finery for the first time.


Ch. 4: Ceremony

This is a full-length, expertly recorded and edited video of the wedding ceremony, blending all the disparate angles, videos and audio into one beautiful, coherent whole.


Ch. 5 Grand Introductions

This unique cinematic edit captures the entrance of the bride and her train from all the right angles, as well as the wisecracks from the MC and the accompanying music, all professionally curated for the best effect.

First Dance 6.jpg

Ch. 6: Special Dances

We record and professionally edit all the special dances in your wedding ceremony, ensuring that we capture the audio as well as the emotional impact of it dance to be recorded for posterity.


Ch. 7: Blessing & Toast

Generally regarded as one of the highlights of a wedding ceremony, this add-on ensures that you capture this significant — and often hilarious event — for all time in crystal clear audio & video from multiple angles.

Cake Cutting 16.jpg

Ch. 8: Cake, Garter & Bouquet

Our professionally edited compilation of your Cake Cutting, Bouquet & Garter Toss as well as Garter Removal & Replacement helps capture these essential wedding moments as they occur, and records them for posterity — and for evidence when you’re arguing with that one friend who caught the Bouquet and tries to deny it.


Ch. 9: Reception & Dancing

Our Reception add-on contains a professionally edited compilation of all your best wedding reception events, including dancing, bloopers and the grand exit, i.e sparkler grand exit.

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