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Photo Booths

Try out our photo booth services which guarantee an intimate yet open photography experience for you and your guests. This unique take on a classic concept will help your event stand out from the crowd in every sense of the word.


Selfie Booth

The selfie photo booth is a powerful yet compact and simple-to-use free-standing photo booth that’s optimized for quick and easy capture of stills, multi-pose GIFs, and short boomerang animations. In addition, it includes an extremely powerful photo microsite that can be designed custom around your branding as well as a cloud management portal for monitoring the photo views/downloads/shares. This booth can even has the ability run exclusively on battery power for up to 8 hours using one of our special Lithium-Ion battery packs. 

Open Air Booth

Our Open Style Photo Booth is our most popular offering. It features a smooth touchscreen interface and a live view and shows a countdown timer so guests know when to say cheese. We use a DSLR camera and even a professional studio flash. Therefore, we are able to deliver outstanding photo quality output in any condition. Adds a huge element of social interaction and excitement. Guests see others taking pictures and get excited for their turn to use the booth. “Photo Bombing” becomes a common occurrence, with everyone anxious to get in on the action! You will love our open style booth and all the fun it offers!


Led Booth

Perfectly paired with one of our Open Air Kiosk an 8x8x8 blow up photo booth grabs your attention right away. The LED Booth gives the option of a solid color or slow color change. The LED Booth is always loads of fun. You and your guests are sure to love it. 


Our LED Inflatable Photo Booth is sooo cool. Whether indoor or outdoor, this set-up will certainly make a huge impression on your guests. Comfortably fitting 10 people we seen up to 20 people squeeze in for a pic! The LED Inflatable definitely adds the cool factor to any event

Mirror Booth

One of the most technologically advanced booth in the industry. The mirror booth is a full length mirror that not only allows you and your guest to take stunning photos but it’s fully interactive. Write a message or slogan on your photo, leave well wishes for others. Truly an awesome experience. Sure to have a lasting impression on your guest.


Mobile Booth

This is our most interactive choice, an attendant will roam around the room, greet your guests as they get to take photos anywhere they are wirelessly. The Mobile Selfie Booth is great for capturing the all those special moments. Spectacular photos in any setting.


The roaming social photo booth is a handheld photo booth that’s optimized for quick and easy capture of stills, multi-pose GIFs, and boomerang animations throughout your entire event! In addition, it includes an extremely powerful cloud-based microsite sharing platform for keeping the entire interaction workflow on-brand capturing a report of all shares made through the system.

360 Spinner Booth

Our 360 Spinner Booth is the latest and greatest offering. It is one of the hottest entertainment and event experiences currently on the market. Widely called a 360 photo booth, it is actually a video booth that captures 120 frames per second. Users step on the platform while a revolving video camera spins 360 degrees around them to capture slow-motion videos.


Add Ons

Do you feel like your needs aren’t been completely met by our cinematography services? Do you have special requests that aren’t covered by our basic cinematography gig? Try out our cinematography add-ons, designed to give you the custom treatment you so richly deserve.



No event is ever complete without a Scrap Book to commemorate it. Capture the thrill o LGA your wedding occasion in a format you can share with friends and visitors for the rest of your life.


Green Screen

Create your own reality with our Green Screen, change your background to whatever you want and watch as you and your friends laugh over the wild backgrounds you choose.


Custom Backdrop

Tired of the same of backdrop? With our Custom Backdrop add-on, you can change the background of your photos to be whatever you choose, with no limitations


Multi Strip Design

Enjoy our Multi-Strip design add-on service. Get you wedding photos in a beautiful and timeless design.


4x6 Print Upgrade

Created for our clients who want the best, our 4x6 Print Upgrade caters to your need for more, and it definitely delivers.


VIP Experience

Our VIP Hollywood experience does just what it says on the box. Allow your guests to get treated like Hollywood royalty as they walk the red carpet of your wedding ceremony.

Custom Props.jpg

Custom Props

Make use of our custom people to make a movie out of your wedding ceremony experience. This add-on guarantees two times the at very little extra cost.


Email/Text Photos

With this custom feature, we can send your photos to do directly via email. Get your most precious memories stored in a medium that is as convenient as it is difficult to misplace.


Extra Time

Want more fun time? You can add as many hours as you'd like! Up to 12hrs of Fun well make sure your whole event is captured and plenty of time for your guest to get their chance!!!

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